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Scoundrels and Spitballers at Larry Edmunds

Hollywood.The 1930's.Writers and the Hollywood experience.

The Satyr Bookshop. The Stanley Rose Bookshop. The Larry Edmunds Bookshop.

Literary history. Los Angeles history. Film history.

You will find it all in Scoundrels and Spitballers : Writers and Hollywood in the 1930's by Philippe Garnier.

You are cordially invited to step back in time in this wonderful book that explores a part of my very own history,

a history I am trying to preserve here on Hollywood Boulevard.

Join us as we welcome author Philippe Garnier on Saturday, July 10th at 4 pm to the last standing bookstore from

Hollywood's famed book row to sign copies and maybe discuss a couple of scoundrels .

Published and edited by Eddie Muller & Black Pool Productions

This book is not available on the "shall not be named" website.

Signed copies available at: while supplies last.

If you can't join us, order yours today!

Want to know a little more about Scoundrels...? (from the front fly leaf)

" Scoundrels & Spitballers transports readers back to an era before Wall Street profiteers took control of Hollywood,when the place was America's last frontier boom town, but not yet a fully fledged industry.Like a determined cultural detective, renowned journalist Philippe Garnier combines years of insatiably curious research with invaluable first-person interviews to provide a richly detailed and ribald excursion through the studio backlots, barrooms, and boulevards that would rapidly grow into the Dream Factory."


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