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Monday Night MACHETE with Danny Trejo!

Monday, November 8th -7 p.m. at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

Danny Trejo's real story is every bit as crazy and movie-like as any of his on-screen portrayals and in his autobiography , TREJO- MY LIFE of CRIME, REDEMPTION, and HOLLYWOOD, he tells it. From his young days in the Valley to his silver screen days of today, he is also pure Los Angeles. His giving back to the community here and his involvement in recovery is as legendary as his bad-ass larger than life characters.

So excited to announce an evening with Danny Trejo in person at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Monday, November 8th.

The evening will begin at 7 pm with Danny signing copies of TREJO-MY LIFE of CRIME, REDEMPTION, and HOLLYWOOD and will be followed at 8 p.m. by a Q & A with Danny and a screening of MACHETE!

Books will be sold at the theatre, but can also be purchased in advance at :

Not a local or can't make it? You can order still order a SIGNED COPY to be sent to you or someone who needs a visit from MACHETE ! You can read more about the book on the product page as well.


Hope to see you at #MondayNightMachete on November 8th!


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