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West Side Story on the Westside!

Here we go.


Fingers crossed and ready for our first event of the New Year with the same wonderful guest that ushered in our return to events last summer, the wonderful George Chakiris!

Academy Award winner George Chakiris will join us this Sunday, January 9th at the AERO THEATRE in Santa Monica.

George will be in the house, signing copies of his book, MY WEST SIDE STORY-A MEMOIR and introducing a 70mm screening of the Oscar winning film, WEST SIDE STORY. There is simply no better way to enjoy a movie this BIG than on the BIG SCREEN!

The songs , the dancing, the cinematography and the stories behind it all with the man who played "Riff the Jet" on the stage and "Bernardo the Shark" on the screen. Learn about it all in MY WEST SIDE STORY-A MEMOIR.

Tickets are available at :

We will begin with a book signing at 6:30 pm followed by an introduction by George at 7:30 pm and then a screening of the film.

If you can't join us, you can still always order a signed copy right here at :

Happy New Year from the Larry Edmunds Bookshop!

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