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The Larry Edmunds Bookshop​ was founded in 1938 in Hollywood. The store quickly learned that people from all over the world had something in common - a love for the movies. Located on Hollywood Boulevard since 1955, Larry Edmunds has become a beloved resource for books, posters, lobby cards, photos, and more related to the history of film. 


“If it has to do with entertainment, we have it. You’ll probably stumble on a few surprises while you’re in the shop as well,” says owner Jeffrey MantorMany know Jeff and his passionate support of the Hollywood community. He started at the Larry Edmunds Bookshop as a stock boy nearly 30 years ago. Then, after working alongside different owners for 13 years, he took over the store and all of its history in 1991.


That history has included legendary patrons such as Henry Miller, Larry McMurtry, Michael Jackson, J.J. AbramsJohn Landis, and Joe Dante. Quentin Tarantino shopped at the Larry Edmunds Bookshop as a 15-year-old and then featured the storefront in his Oscar®-winning film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019).

Owner Jeff Mantor

The Larry Edmunds Bookshop is not only a resource for books and more, it is also at the center of many community events. Jeff has hosted events with Oscar®-winning actors Ernest Borgnine and Shirley Jones as well director William Friedkin. The store is also where scholars of celluloid like Leonard Maltin, Eddie Muller, and Kevin Brownlow have signed their books and shared their passion.

It is a bookshop where you can watch I Dream of Jeannie with Barbara Eden, Laverne & Shirley with Cindy Williams, Gilligan's Island with Dawn Wells, and The Dick Van Dyke Show with Carl Reiner - and then get a personally-inscribed copy of their books, too.

With friends at the American Cinematheque, it is a bookshop that has hosted signing events at hundreds of screenings at the Egyptian and Aero Theatres with everyone from Alejandro Jodorowsky to John Waters, Debbie Reynolds to John Sayles, David Cronenberg to Oliver Stone
It has been Jeff's life and privilege to play a part in bringing these incredible artists together with their fans and to keep Hollywood history alive. You can learn even more of our history on the site.


The Larry Edmunds Bookshop boasts more than 20,000 books - both used and new - and 500,000 movie photos. It is a collection that continues to grow every day. You can now shop online as well as in person. Our online inventory may be only some of what we have in the store, but that will continue to grow as well.


If you've just come to visit and would like to support our mission, please consider a donation to our GoFundMe campaign.

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