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Events - Author Kimberly Truhler on FILM NOIR STYLE

On February 27, the Larry Edmunds Bookshop launched our online events! The first was a conversation with author Kimberly Truhler about her popular book Film Noir Style: The Killer 1940s. We spoke for an hour about just about everything - the origins of Truhler's love for classic cinema, how she chose the cover image and 20 movies for the book, her writing process, costume design vs. fashion design, and all things film noir. Our enthusiastic audience was filled with about 100 members of our Larry Edmunds' community, so we also enjoyed an extended Q&A afterward.

In case you missed it live, you can now watch the event on Larry Edmunds' new YouTube channel or through the player below. Enjoy!

Film Noir Style author Kimberly Truhler

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It was a fantastic event, and I look forward to many sequels. Congratulations Jeff and team!

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