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When Marilyn Met the Queen

When Marilyn Met the Queen

By Michelle Morgan


When Marilyn Met the Queen : Marilyn Monroe's Life in England


In July 1956, Marilyn Monroe arrived in London—on honeymoon with her husband Arthur Miller—to make The Prince and the Showgirl with Sir Laurence Olivier. It was meant to be a happy time . . .


"I am dying to walk bare-headed in the rain. I think England sounds adorable.”—Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn would work during the day at Pinewood Studios, in Iver Heath, while Arthur would write. Then, in the evening, the couple would be able to relax together in their private English country cottage.


But the cottage was a mansion, in Englefield Green, and Marilyn, used to living in tiny hotel rooms and apartments, felt herself being watched. She was, by several of owner Lord Drogheda's servants, who were selling stories to the papers.


And when filming began, all did not go as hoped. Over time, Marilyn grew to hate Olivier; the feeling was mutual.


Marilyn found herself a curiosity for the frequently hostile British press. She took solace in bike rides in Windsor Great Park, in small acts of kindness from members of the public, and in a growing fascination with Queen Elizabeth, whom she longed to meet—and eventually did.

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