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Warrior : Audrey Hepburn

Warrior : Audrey Hepburn


By Robert Matzen!


Gone almost 30 years, Audrey Hepburn remains among the most beloved movie stars of all time, known for that face, and for hits like Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and My Fair Lady. At the height of her fame, at age 38, she walked away from Hollywood to raise her sons. A decade later, seeking a new direction, she came upon the organization that had saved her as a Dutch girl at the end of World War II: UNICEF.

What happened next surpassed the plot twist of any movie. The introverted and reclusive Audrey Hepburn became a warrior, using her fame to capture the media’s attention as she charged into the most dangerous places on earth to save children and mothers in desperate situations. For five years she drove herself mercilessly on a quest that would ultimately kill her. She waded into war zones, met with world leaders, and called out injustice wherever she saw it.

At every opportunity she espoused causes that command headlines today—systemic racism, refugee populations in crisis, superpowers’ manipulation of the developing world, and the reckless killing of our planet.

Down-to-earth, funny, and fearless, this is an Audrey Hepburn — the warrior — that must be seen to be believed.

    • Format : Hardback 
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : ‎ GoodKnight Books
    • ISBN: 978-173527-3839
    • Copyright : 2021
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