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Screenwriter's Problem Solver

Screenwriter's Problem Solver

By Syd Field


Problems plague every screenwriter, and even most pros' first drafts inevitably need a bunch of rewrites. Good writers don't despair; they see their problems as creative springboards to make every subsequent draft better.


But how do you know what truly isn't working in your screenplay? And even when you've figured that out, how do you know exactly what changes to make to improve it?


In this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, best-selling author Syd Field (Screenplay and  The Screenwriter's Workbook) helps you identify and remedy common screenwriting problems. Field provides professional secrets that make movies brilliant - secrets that can elevate the quality of your screenplay, and aim it for success. 

Using The Screenwriter's Problem Solver, you'll learn to:

  • Understand how great stories work regarding: structure, feeling, entertainment value and more, 
  • Hook professional readers by writing the most powerful version of your script's first ten pages,  
  • Use a "dream assignment" to liberate elusive parts of your creative self, overnight, 
  • Leverage action to build character, the way Quentin Tarantino does,
  • Recover when you "hit the wall" - and overcome writer's block forever.


Syd Field's ground-breaking work discerning the deep structure of successful screenplays is based on decades of study - encompassing thousands of scripts and films. This is the stuff that doesn't change - even as wildly popular trends, like superhero movies, come and go - because the fundamental elements that make stories resonate with audiences are rooted in our shared humanity. Field's insights about screenwriting are not only practical, they're also expressions of compassion and wisdom. You may find that some of the solutions you uncover using Field's approach to writing can apply to other challenging aspects of your life as well.

    • Format : Paperback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : Delta/Bantam Dell
    • ISBN : 978-04405-04917
    • Copyright : 1998
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