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Movies Are Magic: The Director's Cut

Movies Are Magic: The Director's Cut

SIGNED by Jennifer Churchill

Illustrations by Howell Edwards


From classic film devotee Jennifer Churchill comes a new history of classic movies ... for kids! Featuring a heartfelt introduction by Ben Mankiewicz, Turner Classic Movies (TCM)'s primetime host. In our fast-moving, media-drenched world, classic movies connect us to the past and help us understand history, the world around us, and ourselves. From vaudeville to the invention of sound and color, this fun and informative jaunt through the history of film, Movies Are Magic: The Director's Cut, will turn your kids into classic movie fans in no time!

    • Format : Paperback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : Jennifer Churchill
    • ISBN : 979-84316-62133
    •  Copyright : 2022
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