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Hollywood, California Through Time

Hollywood, California Through Time

By Tommy Dangcil


Hollywood, California, Through Time is a visual discovery of the most dreamed about city in the world. Hollywood is a physical place, with over a century of cinema, where you can still feel the creative energy as soon as you hit the pavement. These original recent color photographs and mostly unseen vintage black-and-white images breathe life into the community that continues to capture the imagination of every individual that has ever sat and marveled at the lights and shadows we call the movies.


Tommy Dangcil, born and raised in Hollywood, has a Bachelor of Arts in radio, television, and film from California State University, Los Angeles, and is currently an I.A.T.S.E. Hollywood Local 728 Studio Electrical Lighting Technician. He has been working on feature films all over the world for the last twenty-seven years. A few of his recent credits include: Ford v Ferrari, Avengers: Endgame, Nightcrawler, HER, and The Master. This is his third book, following Arcadia Publishing's Hollywood: 1900-1950 in Vintage Postcards and Hollywood Studios.


    • Format : Paperback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
    • ISBN :978-168473-0001
    • Copyright : 2020
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