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Harlow in Hollywood : The Blonde Bombshell In the Glamour Capital 1928-1937

Harlow in Hollywood : The Blonde Bombshell In the Glamour Capital 1928-1937

By Darrell Rooney and Mark A. Vieira


The most celebrated biography of Hollywood’s Blonde Bombshell, Harlow in Hollywood :The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capitol 1928-1937  is now updated with rare images and additional details about her remarkable life and its tragic end.

At last, the story of how Hollywood shaped a myth and determined a young woman's reality. A town, a remarkable town, became the backdrop for one of Hollywood's most incredible stories, a life rife with glamour, pleasure, power, and--in the end--utter sorrow. Her story lives in the pages and breathtaking pictures of Harlow in Hollywood.

When Jean Harlow became the Blonde Bombshell, it was all Hollywood's doing. She was the first big-screen sex symbol, the Platinum Blonde, the mold for every famous fair-haired superstar who would emulate her. Yes; even Marilyn Monroe followed Harlow's lead. In her short decade in Hollywood, Harlow created a new genre of movie star--her fans idolized her for her peerless image, her beautiful body, and her gorgeous façade. Harlow in Hollywood is the story of how a town and an industry created her, a story that's never been told before.

In these pages, renowned Harlow expert Darrell Rooney and Hollywood historian Mark Vieira team to present the most beautiful--and accurate--book on Harlow ever produced. With more than 280 rare images, the authors not only make a case for Harlow as an Art Deco artifact, they showcase the fabulous places where she lived, worked and played from her white-on-white Beverly Glen mansion to the Art Deco sets of Dinner at Eight to the foyer of the Café Trocadero. Harlow in Hollywood is a must for every film buff, Harlow collector, and book lover. Like Harlow herself, Harlow in Hollywood is irresistible.

    • Format : Hardback
    • Condition : New/ Expanded Edition
    • Publisher : Angel City Press
    • ISBN : 978-1626402201
    • Copyright : 2022
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