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Gary Cooper Off Camera : A Daughter Remembers

Gary Cooper Off Camera : A Daughter Remembers



by Maria Cooper Janis


Gary Cooper (1901-1961) is an American icon-an actor whose handsome features and unstudied poise made him one of the great stars of Hollywood's Golden Era. Now, his only child gives us an extraordinary memoir-a book that reveals the Gary Cooper only she knew. Illustrated throughout with 175 photographs, including many never-before-published family pictures, Maria Cooper Janis' heartfelt book offers an unprecedented look at her father's private side, from his Montana boyhood and his Hollywood home life to his friendships with Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and Jimmy Stewart, among others. Filled with anecdotes that capture the off-screen humor and warmth of this avid outdoorsman and great humanitarian, Gary Cooper Off Camera: A Daughter Remembers is an unforgettable portrait of a great star and a beloved father.

175 photographs in duotone


 Maria Cooper Janis is the wife of concert pianist and composer Byron Janis. She is a painter with a great interest in the field of parapsychology. She has contributed to several television documentaries about her father, including a recent A&E Biography. Tom Hanks is a director and an Academy Award- winning actor.




    • Format : Hardback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : ‎Abrams Books
    • ISBN: 978-08109-41304
    • Copyright : 1999
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