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Bruce Lee : Enter the Dragon Photo Collection-Volume Two

Bruce Lee : Enter the Dragon Photo Collection-Volume Two

By Rick Baker


In August 1973 a movie exploded on the cinema screens - That movie was Enter the Dragon and introduced the west to one of the most iconic figures of modern day, Bruce Lee.

It was also to be Lee's last complete movie after his untimely death on July 20th 1973.

Despite his death his life seemed to be documented in photographs, there are literally thousands of photos of Bruce both on and off screen.


Enter the Dragon is no exception with over 12,000 photos being taken during the shoot.

Bruce Lee : Enter the Dragon Photo Collection Volume Two highlight's some of those photographs, depicting Bruce with his many facial expressions and lightening speed often to quick for the camera to capture.


In this book we select many photos taken during the filming capturing Bruce Lee at his most dynamic and relaxed joking with the cast and crew.

A truly wonderful collectors item for any Bruce Lee collector.

    • Format : Hardback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : Eastern Heroes
    • ISBN : 978-18380-70649
    • Copyright : 2020
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