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As I Knew Him : My Dad, Rod Serling

As I Knew Him : My Dad, Rod Serling

By Anne Serling


In this deeply intimate and soulful memoir about her father, Anne Serling reveals the fun-loving dad and family man behind the serious figure the public saw hosting The Twilight Zone each week. In 1975, Rod Serling's untimely death at 50 years old left 20-year-old Anne stunned and reeling. But through talking to his friends, poring over old letters, and recounting her childhood memories, Anne not only navigated her profound grief, but gained a deeper understanding of this remarkable man both as her father and as a dynamic writer. Now she shares her journey, along with personal photos, letters, scenes of her dad's youth, his service in WWII, and her family's time together. As I Knew Him : My Dad, Rod Serling is at once a portrait of a father and daughter, and a tribute to Rod Serling's legacy as a visionary, storyteller, and humanist.



    • Format : Paperback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : Commonwealth Book Company
    • ISBN : 978-19489-86311
    •  Copyright : 2021
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