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Annotated Abbott and Costello : A Complete Guide...

Annotated Abbott and Costello : A Complete Guide...

By Matthew Coniam and Nick Santa Maria


Abbott and Costello were the most popular comedians of the 1940s, with burlesque-inspired routines that enthralled audiences on both radio and television. Oddly, their films have not received the same level of attention from critics and writers as those of other comedy teams. Annotated Abbott and Costello : A Complete Viewer's Guide to the Comedy Team and Their 38 Films  is a scene-by-scene, film-by-film guide to their movies, making a compelling case for their inclusion at the very top of comic artists. Featuring new research and some surprising revelations, the book introduces newcomers to the delights of this uproarious team and provides confirmed fans with the ultimate companion to their work. Also included is a foreword by John Landis, the celebrated director and Abbott and Costello devotee.

    • Format : Paperback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : McFarland & Company
    • ISBN : 978-14766-82440
    •  Copyright : 2023
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