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Why I Love Larry Edmunds - Karie Bible

When I first arrived in Los Angeles, I would often wander around the city trying to explore and get the lay of the land. Twenty years ago bookstores were plentiful, but sadly that is not the case today. While the Larry Edmunds Bookshop didn't have couches or a coffee bar, they provided something even more vital....a sense of community. I would go to the store alone, but I never felt alone. There were always local film buffs, out of town tourists, and friendly store clerks on hand. I would often find myself in the middle of spirited discussions about a variety of film topics. In 2000, I co-authored the book Location Filming in Los Angeles with Marc Wanamaker and Harry Medved. The staff at Larry Edmunds offered to host our book launch party. I was so thrilled and never could have imagined that ten years after first visiting the store that I would be signing books there! In 2015, my second book Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays was launched at the store as well. 

Before the pandemic, Larry Edmunds hosted numerous events with authors, snacks, and lively Q&A sessions. It was a personal touch that you simply can't find on Amazon or any other online retailer. The store has been so supportive to film historians, authors, and tour guides all over Los Angeles. I am profoundly grateful. 

In our rapidly changing and chaotic times, community matters. Larry Edmunds matters. It has been an institution since 1938 and is a part of our city's history. I encourage everyone to shop there and ensure that they remain for future generations.

Karie Bible is an author and Hollywood historian and the tour guide for the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. You can find out more at


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