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Welcome to Larry Edmunds 2.0

Hello friends!

How are you holding up? Hoping this finds you well and safe. It has been a crazy roller coaster this past eight and half months here at the Larry Edmunds Bookshop. With no live events to support at our favorite venues, and no tourists dropping by to shop because travel has ceased to exist, it has meant trying to find a new way to reach you, a new way other than how I have been doing it the past dozen years. Social media? Better than nothing, but honestly we have so much more to offer.

Many of you have reached out to help. Thank you to all who have supported our GoFundMe campaign, which is still going on if you would like to make a donation. You are a major reason we are still here, and your contributions have helped to keep us going so that we can embark on this new adventure.

One question we have heard again and again was "How can I shop the Larry Edmunds Bookshop online?" As an old dog, I have resisted learning new tricks for far too long. New ways are hard. Feeling like I am starting over is hard. But I’ve tried to meet the challenge even though the task felt and continues to feel so overwhelming.

The Larry Edmunds Bookshop has seen so many changes since it began in 1938, and I have seen many of them in my 29 years on the south side of Hollywood Boulevard. The history and legacy of my business are something I am very proud to be a part of. Now it is time to add to that history and write the next chapter with the launch of the Larry Edmunds Bookshop website.

This is only the beginning - there is much more to come with daily additions to the online inventory to shop, upcoming virtual events to attend, and guest commentaries on the blog to read. But we just couldn’t wait any longer to share our beautiful new home on the interwebs at! Subscribe to our events and sign up for our newsletter - which is also about to be revamped - to see all that lay ahead.

Thank you friends! We hope you will continue to support us and other independent businesses as well. We welcome you all and hope you really enjoy the evolution of the Larry Edmunds Bookshop at

Wishing you health, happiness, and good reads this holiday season.

Best from the Boulevard,

Jeffrey Mantor & Staff at the Larry Edmunds Bookshop


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