Spawn of Skull Island

Spawn of Skull Island

By George E. Turner with Orville Goldner 

Expanded and Revised by Michael H. Price with Douglas Turner

(Limited Edition, #225 out of #750)


In its day, George E. Turner's The Making of King Kong was the last word on an American Classic– ,the definitive primary-source history, written with authority and reverence and an enduring sense of wonder.

The book's UK/US publication in 1975 opened many doors for the author, including access to additional insider knowledge that Turner could only wish he had possessed during the writing of The Making of King Kong. He began compiling notes for a revision. These amendments and adjustments had grown to fill several fil cabinets by the time of his death in 1999.

Spawn of Skull Island is the result of that long-term follow-through—developed from George Turner's original work and all those raw-material revelations by fellow reseracher Michael H. Price and George's son, Douglas Turner. The source-book is contained here, intact but for the occasional correction, along with the generous expansion that the author had envisioned.

By whichever name—, Spawn of Skull Island or The Making of King Kong— the volume remains what historian John Michlig has termed "the best source for information on the classic 1933 film and its sequels." 

    • Format : Hardback
    • Condition : Out of Print/ Like New
    • Publisher : Luminary Press
    • ISBN : 978-18876-64459
    • Copyright : 2002

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