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Conquest of the Useless : ReflectionsFrom the Making of Fitzcarraldo

Conquest of the Useless : ReflectionsFrom the Making of Fitzcarraldo

By Werner Herzog


Werner Herzog is one of our most revered contemporary filmmakers, a visionary director who ceaselessly tests the boundaries of art. Fitzcarraldo, his lavish 1982 film about a would-be rubber baron who pulls a steamship over a hill to access a rich rubber territory, was hailed by critics around the globe and won Herzog the 1982 Outstanding Director Prize at Cannes.

The text of Conquest of the Useless: Reflections From the Making of Fitzcarraldo emerged as if out of an Amazonian fever dream: the crew's camp in the heart of the jungle was attacked and burned to the ground; the production clashed with a border war; two planes crashed during filming; and Herzog had to unravel the logistics of moving a 320-ton steamship over a hill without the use of special effects.

More than just a journal or diary of the shooting of Fitzcarraldo, Conquest of the Useless is a work of art unto itself, which charts the inner landscapes born of the delirium of the jungle and offers an extraordinary glimpse into the mind of a genius during the making of one of his greatest achievements

    • Format : Paperback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : Ecco/HarperCollins
    • ISBN : 978-00615-75549
    • Copyright : 2009
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