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Alan Sues : A Funny Man

Alan Sues : A Funny Man

By Michael Gregg Michaud


“Alan Sues was the funniest person I’ve ever known. Not just as a performer, but as a person.”

– Ruth Buzzi, castmate from Laugh-In.


“When Alan dressed like me in curls, a boa, a dress and false eyelashes, he looked better than me.”

– Jo Anne Worley, castmate from Laugh-In.


“Alan was so deeply, so genuinely funny that to just think of him makes me laugh.” – Barbara Sharma, castmate from Laugh-In.


“We all know how funny and bright Alan Sues was. What was more amazing to me was the sincere sweetness in his heart. He truly wanted to hand the whole world a big laugh.” – Joyce Van Patten, actress.


“Alan was a true comedy original.” – Fred Willard, actor.


“Alan was a very talented performer who everyone loved having around. He was hilarious. He was always funny, even when he wasn’t trying to be.” – Gary Owens, castmate from Laugh-In.


“Alan was a delight, a real upper. He was a happy force field of energy who had an outrageous look at life. He could take a straight line and make it funny as hell.” – George Schlatter, Exec. Prod. of Laugh-In.


About the Author : Michael Gregg Michaud is the author of the critically acclaimed, Lambda Book Award nominated Sal Mineo, A Biography (Crown Archetype, 2010). Michaud is the co-author, with actress Diane McBain, of Famous Enough, A Hollywood Memoir (Bearmanor Media, 2014). He writes about Hollywood history, and has contributed to numerous books about show business. He is also an award winning poet, and photographer. Follow him on Facebook.

    • Format : Paperback
    • Condition : New
    • Publisher : Beat Manor Media
    • ISBN : 978-16293-30983
    • Copyright : 2016
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